When it comes to imagining the vehicles of the future, cars that care for people, wildlife and the planet were uppermost in the minds of the children who entered this year’s Toyota Dream Car Awards.

Entries received from youngsters across the UK revealed boundless imagination and creativity, and a genuine understanding that cars have to the potential to offer much more than simply a means of getting from A to B.

The winners in the competition’s three age categories were welcomed to Toyota GB’s Surrey headquarters to receive their prizes. They will now go forward for consideration for a place in the global final and the chance of a trip to Japan.

Cecile Catchpole, five, from Hereford, won the gold award in the under-eight age group for The Happy Van, a machine whose principle purpose is to cheer people up. It can fly, tell jokes, sing songs, share out sweets and scatter fairy glitter while travelling along a rainbow road.

Top spot in the eight to 11 section went to Biba Mills, eight, from Lingfield in Surrey. Her design for the Tidying Turtle Car shows a solar-powered machine that can collect marine waste on land and water, recycling it on-board to create a new source of fuel.

Jannah Hossain, 15, from Watford, was inspired by the refugee crisis to envision a car that can bring unlimited relief to people in need, while transforming the landscapes where they live. Her artwork, Help is Coming depicts the nations of the world as balloons floating around a scene that moves from a burning warzone into a place of colour and light.

Paul Van der Burgh, Toyota GB President and Managing Director, presented iPads to the category winners and tablets to the silver and bronze award-winning entrants, together with Toyota goody bags. He said: “We were hugely impressed not just by the artistic skills of this year’s entrants, but also their response to how we might meet some of the major issues the world faces today. Our congratulations go to everyone who took part for an excellent show of colour and originality.”

Award winners

Under eight

Gold: The Happy Van, by Cecile Catchpole, five, from Hereford.

Silver: Ice Ranger Infinity, by Olivia Onslow, six, from Southampton.

Bronze: Dinoflycar, by Noah Evans Bintcliffe, six, from Carnforth.

Eight to 11

Gold: The Tidying Turtle Car, by Biba Mills, eight, from Lingfield.

Silver: Toyota Dragonfly, by Siobhan Mills, 10, from Evesham.

Bronze: The Sea Protecting Car, by Cecilie Krasnik, 11, from London.

Under 15

Gold: Help is Coming, by Jannah Hossain, 15, from Watford.

Silver: Cloud E-Ta 9, by Eleanor MacCarthy, 15, from Feltham.

Bronze: TJLJJ (Iruka) (Dolphin), by Zawadi Odari, 12, from Derby.


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  • Toyota Rewards Young Designers in Dream Car Art Awards

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  • Robin Giles (far left) and Paul Van der Burgh (far right) with Under Eight award winners Noah Evans Bintcliffe, Olivia Onslow and Cecile Catchpole (l to r)

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  • Under Eight Gold Award winner Cecile Catchpole (5)

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  • Under Eight Gold Award: The Happy Van by Cecile Catchpole (5)

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  • Under Eight Silver Award winner Olivia Onslow (6)

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  • Under Eight Silver Award, Ice Ranger Infinity by Olivia Onslow (6)

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  • Under Eight Bronze Award winner Noah Evans Bintcliffe (6)

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  • Under Eight Bronze Award: Dinoflycar by Noah Evans Bintcliffe (6)

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  • Robin Giles (far left) and Paul Van der Burgh (far right) with 8-11 award winners Cecilie Krasnik, Siobhan Mills and Biba Mills (l to r)

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  • 8-11 Gold Award winner Biba Mills (8)

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  • 8-11 Gold Award: The Tidying Turtle by Biba Mills (8)

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    Size:3.55 MB
  • 8-11 Silver Award winner Siobhan Mills (10)

    Dimensions:7011px x 4241px
    Size:14.16 MB
  • 8-11 Silver Award: Toyota Dragonfly by Siobhan Mills (10)

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  • 8-11 Bronze Award winner Cecilie Krasnik (11)

    Dimensions:7011px x 4679px
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  • 8-11 Bronze Award: The Sea Protecting Car by Cecilie Krasnik (11)

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  • Robin Giles (far left) and Paul Van der Burgh (far right) with Under 15 award winners Zawadi Odari, Eleanor MacCarthy and Jannah Hossain

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  • Under 15 Gold Award winner Jannah Hossain (15)

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    Size:14.09 MB
  • Under 15 Gold Award: Help is Coming by Jannah Hossain (15)

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  • Under 15 Silver Award winner Eleanor MacCarthy (15)

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  • Under 15 Award: Cloud E-Ta 9 by Eleanor MacCarthy (15)

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  • Under 15 Bronze Award winner Zawadi Odari (12)

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  • Under 15 Bronze Award: TJLJJ (Iruka) (Dolphin) by Zawadi Odari

    Dimensions:3488px x 2438px
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