Toyota not only offers the widest product range in the UK with 16 different model types – 19 if LCV models are included – but it also offers the widest line up of diesel engine derivatives of any manufacturer.

Spanning 10 different models, the Toyota diesel line up consists of:


Engine size

Power output

Yaris and Yaris Verso

1.4-litre D-4D


Corolla and Corolla Verso

2.0-litre D-4D


Corolla (T Spirit)

2.0-litre D-4D



2.0-litre D-4D


Avensis Verso

2.0-litre D-4D



2.0-litre D-4D



2.0-litre D-4D


Land Cruiser Colorado

3.0-litre D-4D


Land Cruiser Amazon



All the engines listed above, with the exception of the Land Cruiser Amazon, are high pressure, common rail units incorporating the most advanced direct injection technology, with the added benefit of being fuel efficient, powerful and able to offer low emissions.

The diesel car market in the UK is showing rapid growth with a projected sales figure of 594,000 units by the end of this year, an increase of almost 100 per cent over the last four years.

Toyota’s growth in this sector has increased further still with a rise from 3,809 cars sold from January to July 2001 to 8,158 diesel vehicles sold in the same period this year.

This represents an increase of 114 per cent compared with an average market growth of 48 per cent so far this year.

The future is bright for modern diesel engines. They no longer suffer from being slow, smoky and noisy but are now clean, fuel efficient, quieter running and able to offer petrol-like performance. This explains why more than one in five cars on the road in the UK today is a diesel and news of the benefits is spreading fast.

Toyota’s future plans for diesel include D-CAT (Diesel Clean Air Technology) which is a revolutionary purification system that will reduce emissions by around 80 per cent. The most significant feature of the D-CAT system is DPNR (Diesel Particulate NOx Reduction) – the first catalyst system that allows simultaneous reduction of particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen in exhaust emissions.

The D-CAT system will overcome the final obstacle to ‘clean diesels’ and enable Toyota to offer D-4D engines that meet ultra stringent Euro 4 emissions levels from 2003 – two years before the emission standard is officially required. D-CAT will make Toyota diesel engines among the cleanest in the world.


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