Seven Toyota Avensis cars have been delivered to Liverpool timber and builder’s merchant Beers Timber & Building Supplies. The family company, founded in 1916, supplies a range of products to the building trade, including timber, hardwood flooring, heavyside and landscaping products. It runs 30 cars, LCV’s and trucks, and has used Toyotas for its sales fleet for the past four years.

The cars – five 1.8 litre petrol Avensis T 3 and T 4 hatchbacks and two T 3 estates – have been bought outright, some of them replacing existing Toyotas in the fleet. They are being used by Beers’ field sales staff, who average 20,000 miles a year covering Merseyside and the North-west, and sales depot managers, whose mileage is 10,000-plus. Replacement is four years or 80,000 miles.

“We go for Toyota because of the total cost of ownership, the reliability of the vehicles, the initial purchase price and the residuals,” says Managing Director Michael Beer. “The drivers are all happy with the cars and those who had Avensis before reckon they’re a definite improvement on the previous models.”


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