A combination of two half-centuries provided the perfect excuse for a day of celebrations shared by SHB Hire and the Toyota Hilux. Both the Hampshire-based national vehicle hire and management specialist – a Toyota fleet customer of long standing – and the Hilux pick-up have their 50th anniversaries this year, occasions marked with a special customer driving day at the Heart of England Conference Centre, near Coventry.

SHB Hire has one of Europe’s largest all-wheel drive fleets and has been a loyal supporter of Hilux, having purchased around 7,000 since 1979 when the all-wheel drive model first went on sale in UK. There is no let-up in its demand either, with 2018 in line to set a new record with potentially 800 more pick-ups being added to the total. SHB operates nationwide, providing short and long-term hire services to a wide range of industries that need a tough, reliable workhorse that can get the job done.

The driving day gave SHB customers the chance to test the legendary off-road capabilities of Hilux and the recently revised Land Cruiser. A presentation was also made to explain the benefits of Toyota and Lexus hybrid electric technology, with a number of hybrid models available for guests to drive.

Paul Street, Managing Director SHB Hire said: “We are very proud of our heritage, something which the Toyota Hilux has played such a big part of. SHB purchased our first Hilux back in 1979 and our relationship with Toyota throughout all these years has remained extremely positive. Toyota remains a very reliable and robust proposition for our customers in a very competitive space.”

Neil Broad, General Manager Toyota and Lexus Fleet Services, said: “It was great to share our successful anniversaries together. While our fleet managers may have changed over the years since SHB first became a Toyota customer, Hilux has remained consistent in is famous quality, durability and reliability. SHB knows that when you are in the market for a pick-up that needs to earn its keep in tough situations, there really is only one choice.”

The Toyota Hilux is available in three body styles, Single, Extra Cab and Double Cab, all powered by an efficient 2.4-litre diesel engine with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. It available under the Toyota Converters Programme as a Tipper model and in extreme terrain specification in the form of the Arctic Trucks Hilux AT35, newly available to UK customers this summer.  Prices for standard Hilux range start from £20,179.34 (commercial vehicle on-the-road price).


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  • Neil Broad (left), General Manager Toyota & Lexus Fleet Services with Paul Street, Managing Director SHB Hire

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  • The Toyota Hilux and SHB Hire are sharing 50th anniversary celebrations

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  • SHB Hire has one of Europe’s largest all-wheel drive fleets

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  • SHB Hire has purchased around 7,000 Hilux since 1979 when the model first went on sale in UK

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  • SHB provides short and long-term hire services to industries that need a tough, reliable workhorse that can get the job done

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