Toyota is partnering with top tech brands Snapchat and Spotify to celebrate the spontaneous fun and freedom offered by its new Aygo city car. Designed to capture the imagination of a young, 18 to 34 audience, the campaign includes an addictive new “snappable” game, Snapchat ‘lens’ and a branded Spotify hub, designed and developed for Toyota by The&Partnership.

The new game is AYGO KART, which uses Snapchat’s augmented reality lenses to add character and excitement to a racing format. Players compete against their friends in their own personalised Aygo, racing and avoiding obstacles to earn bonus points and set the highest scores. The engaging design includes touch, head movements and facial expressions.

The storyline from one of the short films produced for the Aygo Just Go campaign, Where Next? Wherever, has inspired the design of a new Snapchat Lens. In the film, released earlier this year, an Aygo driver reacts spontaneously to text messages received through his car’s Apple CarPlay system, calling on him to make a choice between playing football with his friends and sharing dinner with his girlfriend. With the Snapchat Lens, users move their head left or right to make ‘Snap’ decisions about what to do next.

The Spotify campaign is designed to celebrate and encourage variety in music, with listeners on Spotify’s free, ad-supported service targeted with bespoke ads based on their style of listening. The activity focuses on ‘variety’ and ‘favourites’ listeners, those who listen to a range of music and those who listen to a more limited selection, to encourage them to take the opportunity to try something new. They will be driven to the AYGO branded hub, which will present them with a bespoke playlist chosen for them. They will be able to enter a prize draw to win tickets to gigs near them, with a twist – they only have 7 days to redeem the code and claim the tickets worth £100, or the prize is lost – encouraging them to be spontaneous.

Matt Blake, Toyota’s Manager, Brand Awareness, said: “We’re really excited about the partnerships with Snapchat and Spotify. Both are perfect platforms for us to speak to our 18-34 year old target audience. The potential is huge to drive awareness and engagement with Aygo and the Just Go campaign, and it’s another great example of the effectiveness and innovation made possible through our integrated agency model with The&Partnership.”

Patrick Williamson, Communications Director at The&Partnership, added: “The instant gratification culture of both platforms makes these partnerships an ideal cultural and strategic fit too. As there are no likes or comments on Snapchat or Spotify, users face fewer interruptions and can be more spontaneous, playing into the campaign strategy. The design of both our Lens and Snappable executions allows for an exhilarating playing experience, while our partnership with Spotify surprises and delights users of that platform in equal measure.”


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  • Toyota Targets Spontaneous Fun in New Tech Partnerships With Snapchat and Spotify Supporting the Aygo ‘Just Go’ Campaign

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  • Toyota Targets Spontaneous Fun in New Tech Partnerships With Snapchat and Spotify Supporting the Aygo ‘Just Go’ Campaign

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