Toyota (GB) has strengthened its service to public sector fleet customers with the appointment of two new regional Public Sector Managers to promote the benefits of the company’s self-charging hybrid-electric technology to local authorities and public organisations across the UK.

James Mackintosh and Hayley Kirby are covering the north and the south of the country respectively, increasing the support available to public sector fleet managers. They are able to explain all the details of hybrid-electric technology and the real-world benefits it can offer fleets who make the switch from conventionally powered vehicles.

They are helping raise awareness among national, devolved and city authorities of the zero emission performance of Toyota’s self-charging hybrid-electric vehicles, in particular for urban and city driving.

Toyota has the widest range of self-charging hybrid-electric models in the UK, including the all-new RAV4 SUV, Camry saloon and British-built Corolla Hatchback and Touring Sports introduced this year. Corolla also breaks new ground in the development of hybrid-electric, being the first Toyota to be offered with the choice of two hybrid-electric powertrains with different power outputs and performance characteristics.

Stuart Ferma, General Manager Toyota and Lexus Fleet, explained: “With Toyota now listed as a supplier on the major Government procurement frameworks and with more and more fleets seeking to adopt cleaner technologies, we recognised the value of putting a team in place to set out the benefits of hybrid-electric vehicles to the relevant public bodies, particularly those who are looking to change from diesel engines.

“With this dedicated customer support we can clearly explain the positive environmental impact and the genuine cost advantages self-charging hybrids can bring to a fleet, while also addressing any misconceptions about the technology. This will be particularly helpful to fleets seeking to make the switch from diesel to hybrid-electric vehicles.”


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