• The ultimate in vehicle personalisation
  • Entire vehicle body can be used  as a display
  • Car-to-car and car-to-surroundings communications
  • First shown as the Fun Vii concept at 2011 Tokyo motor show
  • European debut at 2012 Geneva motor show

The Toyota diji, which makes its European debut at the Geneva motor show, is a concept designed for a society in which people are not only more strongly linked to their cars, but to each other through their cars.

It is designed to offer the ultimate in personalisation, being able to display messages and other information both on the inside and outside, just as easily as downloading an application. The entire vehicle body is used as a display area, allowing body colour and content to be changed at will.

The inside of the car can also be used as a display area, freely modifiable to match the mood of the moment. Content such as navigation information is blended seamlessly into the interior using augmented reality technology. And a holographic “navigation concierge” figure can deliver driving information and guidance using a vocal interface.

Owners don’t have to be inside their vehicle to make use of it, as a number of vehicle functions can be accessed remotely using a smartphone or other devices. A network update function ensures diji’s drive control and multimedia systems are always equipped with the latest software.

The Toyota diji can also link with surrounding vehicles and roadside infrastructure, which means it can detect potential hazards and make connections to alert any friends driving nearby.



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  • Toyota Diji Concept

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