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How your phone can make you mobile
The days of the conventional key fob could be numbered, thanks to a new Toyota invention that connects with the driver’s smartphone to unlock and start the car. The new Smart Key Box has been produced to support car sharing schemes where many different people will need access to a vehicle. The development supports the work of Toyota’s in-house Connect Company to develop a Mobility Services Platform and forge links with service providers and insurers who use telematics-sourced data. Read more here.

Built in Britain: four million Toyotas
Toyota’s British car manufacturing business has delivered its four millionth vehicle since operations started in 1992. The milestone model, an Auris Hybrid, has been delivered to its proud owners in Staffordshire. Read more here.

C-HR cracks crossover conventions
Toyota’s radically stylish and sharp-handling C-HR crossover is now open for advance orders, with prices starting from £20,995. As well as stand-out looks, C-HR also offers crossover customers the unique option of hybrid power, or a 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine.  Read more here.

From rally driver to “no driver”
Hard and fast rally competition is serving as a valuable test bed for new technology that will help Toyota’s research into autonomous vehicles. As part of its technical partnership with Microsoft for the 2017 World Rally Championship, sensors are being fitted to the competition Yaris to test their performance at high speed and in different adverse environments. Read more here.

Toyota rides the waves with Ponam
Toyota has transferred clever control and lightweight materials tech from its car-making operations to create a new luxury motor yacht, the Ponam-28V. The sleek, lightweight vessel, was seen in concept form at this year’s Japan International Boat Show, where it won a Good Design Award. Read more here.

Caring for critters
Bats on the wing over Halloween were able to find a new place to hang out at a Toyota factory. The Buffalo plant in West Virginia has installed a number of bat boxes as part of its biodiversity programme that also includes planting to support monarch butterflies on their annual migration route. Read more here.

Best of the blog: SEMA show stars
Toyota is enjoying its largest presence yet at the annual SEMA aftermarket show in Las Vegas, the world’s leading celebration of car customisation. Among the hot-blooded specials – including a 220mph Land Cruiser – there is also a display of every generation of Corolla to mark the 50th anniversary of the world’s most popular car. Read more here.

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Information about the 2017 GT86 has been incorporated in the online press kit, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

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