Wastewater treatment service engineers working for KEE Services are driving upgraded Toyota Hiaces – just over a year after the company replaced its original Hiace fleet with another make of van.

And the company says it returned to the Hiace, with the new 2.5 litre common-rail turbo-diesel engine, because of the vehicle’s “impressive reliability, fuel economy, superior level of internal specification and flexibility”. The Hiaces are standard-bodied short-wheelbase
280 GS models, and are supplied in KEE Services livery. They will be expected to cover high annual mileages and are contract hired through Interleasing on a three-year/120,000-mile agreement.

KEE Services, based in Aylesbury in Bucks, is part of the international KEE Group, a leading provider of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment systems – it has installed more than 350,000 such plants worldwide over 40 years of operation. KEE Services has 17 engineers who maintain the equipment on-site throughout the UK, both through planned maintenance and also as a 24-7 emergency response team.

“We were having a lot of problems with the other vehicles, and decided to cut our losses and go back to Toyotas because we knew how reliable they were,” said KEE Services’ Commercial Manager Robert Tate. “The drivers are all very pleased with them. We knew about the vehicles’ reliability – they start in the morning and keep moving. “The fuel economy with the high mileage is another factor. We had changed originally from the old Hiaces in the hope of getting better fuel consumption, and in fact we are now getting much better results with the new diesel engines.

“Our engineers face highly varied requirements from day to day, so it was crucial that a high level of flexibility and robustness was provided by the replacement vehicle,” said KEE Services’ Business Development Manager Greg Wood.

“The Toyota Hiace amply provides this, and can accommodate the wide range of specialist tools and equipment required by the engineers, as these tend to be bulky.” Another significant consideration was the high level of service and technical support available from Toyota, added Mr Wood. “The feedback we’re getting from the drivers is very positive,” he said, “and the vehicles are enabling us to continue to provide a highly professional service and maintenance commitment to our customers.”


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