BluE Nexus Corporation (BluE Nexus) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) are to collaborate in preparation for the accelerated adoption of electrified vehicles, working together to increase their competitiveness in electrification products and strengthen their sales structure and the technical support and services offered to their customers.

Toyota will provide new investment, taking a 10 per cent stake in BluE Nexus, and the two companies will work together to establish a sales structure to mutually apply their core competencies, with BluE Nexus serving as the primary sales contact for electrification systems* and Toyota providing technological support.

Since being established in April 2019, BluE Nexus has developed and sold electric drive modules essential for electrified vehicles and has provided control calibration services. Toyota, applying its strengths as a manufacturer of completed vehicles, has been selling entire vehicle powertrain systems, such as the Toyota Hybrid System.

In preparation for the accelerated adoption of electrified vehicles, BluE Nexus and Toyota aim to join forces and use their core competencies, namely Toyota’s control calibration technologies for engines, batteries, and other major peripheral components, and BluE Nexus’s well-developed line-up of electric drive modules, to respond to demand from customers around the world.

* Toyota will remain the sales contact for fuel cell systems.

Outline of BluE Nexus Corporation

  Current From August 2020
Date of establishment April 2019
Location 1-3-2 Mikawa Anjo Minami-machi, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Capitalization 50 million yen
President Kozo Yamaguchi
Ownership Aisin Seiki Co Ltd.

50 per cent


DENSO Corporation

50 per cent

Aisin Seiki Co Ltd.

45 per cent


DENSO Corporation

45 per cent


Toyota Motor Corporation

10 per cent

Principal lines of business Developing, calibrating, and selling electric drive modules for vehicle electrification Comprehensive electrification consulting; developing, calibrating, and selling electrification systems and modules



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