Toyota will reveal its all new Formula One car at the end of March. The team will spend 2001 testing around the world in preparation for entry into the World Championship in 2002. But you can beat them – and their star British driver – to it.

The folks at Toyota’s web site are so revved up about getting into F1 they can’t wait on the real car, so they are launching their own Fantasy Grand Prix competition. Entry is free and available to anyone via The winner gets a VIP trip to the British Grand Prix in 2002, the first time the Toyota F1 cars will race in the UK. There will also be Toyota F1 goodies for the runners up too.

The rules are simple. All you do is spend £50 million – that’s easy in F1, believe us – on drivers, car and engine. Then after each real race your fantasy team will be awarded points depending on how the various parts of your team performed. You can change drivers and engines during the season to maximise the strengths of particular drivers and cars, or hedge your bets and have several teams. To make it fair, everyone joining before the next Grand Prix (Malaysia, 18 March) gets average points from round one.

The web site will also feature pre and post race opinions on every Grand Prix from Toyota F1 test driver, Allan McNish. He will give an expert’s view on the likely winners and losers as well as having his own fantasy team for you to race against. Don’t worry, we won’t let him win, no matter how many points he scores. Anyway, he’ll be on the grid at Silverstone in 2002.