Going to Geneva Motor Show, but already dreading the limb stretching bags of press packs? Need to know the news, but can’t face sitting through yet more corporate presentations? Maybe you’re not even going to the land of the Cuckoo Clock, but want to know what’s what? Fret no more.

As of Friday, five days before press day, the entire Toyota Press Pack is available to view and download from our section of the Newspress website. You can read, use and forward on as you need, even the pictures, without having to open yet another testament to cardboard engineering let alone struggle to separate the contents from the folder, ejecting the latter into the nearest bin out of sight of the PROs.

So, to those of you going to Geneva, we say, “See you there!” To those of you staying at home we say, “See you soon!” To you all we say, “Visit the Newspress website and find out what Toyota are doing at the Show.”