• New in-car DVD entertainment system for Land Cruiser
  • Turn-by-Turn navigation with ETA for RAV4 XT3 and XT4 models
  • Optional Custom Leather Programme for RAV4 XT3 and XT4 models


Toyota is introducing a factory-fit, fully integrated DVD entertainment system for its Land Cruiser range. Available in March, the package features two 5.8-inch screens set in the back of the front seat headrests, a DVD player mounted in the rear of the centre console armrest and a remote control handset for easy use by back seat passengers.

Two sets of infra-red headphones enable movies to be enjoyed in the rear of the cabin, while those in the front can listen to the radio or CD player undisturbed. As well as playing movie or music DVDs, CDs and MP3s, the system can be connected to a home gaming system or to a video camera for movie playback.

The DVD in-car entertainment option is only available on new Land Cruiser LC3, LC4 and LC5 models, priced at £2,500, including VAT.


Toyota’s highly successful and accurate DVD based turn-by-turn navigation system will be extended to the RAV4 during March and will be available on the XT3 and XT4 models. The system also includes Electronic Traffic Avoidance (ETA).

With ETA, live traffic information is automatically fed into the navigation system enabling the car not only to warn the driver of a traffic problem ahead on a pre-programmed route, but also to plot a way around jams or snarl ups. There should be no danger of getting lost, even if the driver is a stranger to the area.

ETA benefits motorists in a number of ways, not least in time saved, reduced stress and no petrol wasted sitting in traffic jams. A further benefit is that the system requires no additional handsets or annual subscription fees.


A Custom Leather Programme will also be available from March for RAV4 XT3 and XT4 models. The new option includes a softer grain of leather for the front and rear seats including perforated centre panels, embroidered RAV4 logos and leather covering for the door panel inserts.

Custom Leather will be available in a wide variety of colours including Sky Blue, Yellow, Chilli Red, Tan and Bottle Green.

This new option will cost £1,150 for three door models and £1,250 for five door models. As the XT4 is fitted as standard with leather seat trim, the cost of upgrading to Custom Leather is just £295.


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