• Toyota’s British-built Auris achieves record market share, accounting for 5.7 per cent of the compact car segment in the first quarter of this year
  • Auris sales accelerating ahead of the UK new car market  – up 29 per cent so far this year in market that has grown by 23 per cent
  • Hybrids now account for half of all Auris hatchback and wagon (Auris Touring Sports) sales
  • Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Burnaston car plant producing a quarter of all Toyotas sold in Britain and exporting many more
  • Production at Burnaston, Toyota’s engine plant at Deeside and European plants support UK suppliers to the tune of £850 million annually, bolstering UK economic growth

The Toyota Auris is one of the fastest growing success stories in the UK auto industry, with sales of the British-built hatchback and wagon racing to a record market share in March.

Together they have claimed a best-yet 5.7 per cent share of the compact family car segment in the year to date, while also outperforming Britain’s booming auto market with sales up 29 per cent on the first quarter of 2013, compared to overall growth of 23 per cent.

UK customers are also turning to Toyota hybrid technology in ever greater numbers: hybrids now account for half of all national Auris sales.

This is great news for Britain’s manufacturing sector, too. All Auris models for the UK and Europe are built by Toyota Manufacturing UK at its Burnaston factory near Derby, alongside the Avensis saloon and tourer. Hybrid and petrol powertains for both cars are supplied by TMUK’s engine plant in Deeside, North Wales.

Burnaston is the country’s fastest-growing vehicle plant and is now producing a quarter of all the Toyotas sold in Britain – and exporting many more. Each year Toyota in Europe is spending around £850 million with its UK suppliers, creating and securing jobs and further contributing to the health of the nation’s manufacturing sector.

Matt Harrison, President Toyota GB, said: “The success of Auris and TMUK Burnaston demonstrates not only the renewed health of the UK car market and motor manufacturing, but also customers’ desire to buy great British products.

“The growth in hybrid sales also witnesses how Toyota’s world-leading technology has become a mainstream choice, comfortably outselling both petrol and diesel models in the heart of the market.”

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