Toyota’s petrol-electric hybrid technology is proving its power to clean up the short journeys that put pressure on air pollution and keep the lid on car running costs, as data from a new test drive initiative reveals.

Customers trying out a new Toyota Yaris Hybrid can have their trip monitored by a new tech device fitted to the car that measures fuel consumption and the time and distance the supermini runs on its electric motor alone. The early results are startling: even though many people have been taking the wheel of hybrid for the first time, the average is for more than 50 per cent of every trip to be electric-powered, with zero petrol used and no harmful exhaust emissions.

The system is available at every UK Toyota retailer and is being used with similar success in other European markets. The device is linked to an app which sales teams can use to show customers how well they have performed and compare their results with other users; figures are also published on Toyota’s public website,

The Toyota Yaris remains unique in its class in offering hybrid power in a supermini package, opening up the benefits of smooth, quiet, intuitive and efficient performance with small car convenience. The new model, launched in March, benefits from dynamic new styling, improved equipment specifications and the provision of Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems as standard. And, as ever, it remains impressively frugal on fuel and emissions, with benchmark combined cycle figures from 85.6mpg and 75g/km respectively (with 15-inch wheels specified).

The clever test drive monitoring technology has been introduced as part of the Discover Toyota Hybrid campaign and, following its success in Yaris Hybrid, is set to be rolled out for test drives of the new RAV4, Toyota C-HR crossover and the British-Built Auris Hybrid as well.

Andrew Cullis, Toyota GB Marketing Director, said: “This is proving a very useful tool for giving customers a clear, real-world snapshot of what our petrol-electric hybrids are capable of – even if you’ve never driven one before.

“People are focused on the real-world cost of running their car and are also increasingly concerned about air quality, issues that Toyota addresses head-on with cars like Yaris Hybrid that use intelligent technology to deliver the best possible fuel economy and lowest emissions. And unlike all-electric vehicles, there are no issues around how far you can travel or the need to schedule stops for recharging.”


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  • Customers Discover Yaris Hybrid’s Zero Emission/Zero Fuel Benefits with Toyota’s New Test Drive Monitor

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