The lasting quality of the all-new Toyota Yaris Hybrid has been given an independent seal of approval in the form of exceptional residual value predictions.

Data from industry analysts cap-hpi Gold Book shows the new model is expected to retain more than 50 per cent of its price when new after three years/36,000 miles of driving. The figure of 51.4 per cent quoted for the new Yaris Icon 1.5 Hybrid puts it ahead of key competitors in its class, none of which achieves a rating higher than 46 per cent.

This strong assessment of the new Yaris is key to delivering competitive PCP terms, which make the new Yaris Design available to retail customers from just £189 per month. Full details and terms and conditions for the new Yaris retail offers are available here.

As well as holding its value, the new Yaris delivers lower running costs, including a £40 saving on the first year’s Vehicle Excise Duty. Even though its new, self-charging hybrid electric powertrain is more powerful than before – 114bhp compared to 98bhp – it is more efficient, producing 92 – 98g/km of CO2 (WLTP combined cycle), moving the model into a lower VED band.

There’s yet more money to be saved on fuel. The new Yaris has official (WLTP) consumption figures of 65.69 to 68.9mpg – a 22 per cent improvement on the previous model. Moreover, the full hybrid system is able to run at much higher speeds (up to 80mph) and for longer distances on electric power alone, using no petrol and producing no tailpipe emissions.

The lower CO2 figures are also good news for business motorists, with the benefit-in-kind rating for company car tax falling to 21 or 22 per cent, according to model grade. That is three percentage points lower across the range, compared to the previous generation model.

Further peace of mind is provided by Toyota’s five-year/100,000-mile warranty, provided as standard on all new Yaris.


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  • All-new Toyota Yaris Leads its Segment in Holding Value, Leading to Low Monthly Payments

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  • All-new Toyota Yaris Leads its Segment in Holding Value, Leading to Low Monthly Payments

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