Designs for cars that use the power of music as fuel and others that help emergency services speed through heavy traffic were among more than 800 entries from talented young UK artists for this year’s Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

Once again, the ideas and execution were outstanding, with young people expressing their vision of how future mobility can help make the world a better place. The judges were impressed both by the individual creativity and the concern the entrants demonstrated for the environment and caring for others.

Gold, silver and bronze prize winners were selected in three age groups. The talented winners were presented with their prizes at a ceremony hosted at Toyota’s UK headquarters in Surrey on 22 February. Having succeeded in the national contest, they now qualify for consideration for the competition’s global final, with the chance of winning a trip to Japan.

In the under-eight age category first place went to Samuel Debenham, whose Hope for the Homeless vehicle is designed to collect homeless people from all over the world and look after them with facilities including a medical room, café and bedrooms.

The winner in the eight to 11 category was Lev Griffin. His Urban Car seeks to solve London’s housing issues, drawing its energy from exercise machines, solar panels and rain water.

Among the 12 to 15-year-olds, gold went to Ayesha Taniya, for The Future of Animal Protection. This helps clean the environment, so that everyone can live peacefully, and includes an animal shelter inside the car.

The awards were presented by Paul Van Der Burgh, Toyota GB President and Managing Director, and Chris Hayes, Director of People and Planning. All the gold award winners received iPads, while silver and bronze winners were given computer tablets; everyone took home a Toyota goody bag.


Award winners:

Under eight

Gold: Hope for Homeless Car, by Samuel Debenham, from Northampton

Silver: Doggy Van Car, by Melina Xyloyiannis, from Redhill, Surrey

Bronze: Toyo Traffic Helper Car, by Sophia Liakopoulou, Peckham, South London


Eight to eleven

Gold: Urban Car, by Lev Griffin, from Lee, South East London

Silver: Sky Doctor Swirl Car, by Daria Protopopova, from Poplar, East London

Bronze: The Toyota Ongaku Car, by Eleanor Grattoni-May, from Harrogate


Twelve to fifteen

Gold: The Future of Animal Protection Car, by Ayesha Taniya, from Newport, Wales

Silver: Toyota Quantum 2080GT Car, by Shayna Gail Velasquez, from Belfast

Bronze: London’s Digitherapy Car, by Valentina Baranova, from Bexleyheath, Kent





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  • Left to right: Chris Hayes, Samuel Debenham, Sophia Liakopoulou, Eleanor Grattoni-May, Valentina Baranova, Ayesha Taniya, Shayna Gail Velasquez, Daria Protopopova, Lev Griffin, Paul Van Der Burgh

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  • Left to right: Chris Hayes, Sophia Liakopoulou (Bronze), Sam Debenham (Gold), Paul Van Der Burgh

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    Size:12.7 MB
  • Samuel Debenham's Hope for the Homeless (Gold)

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  • Melina Xyloyiannis's Doggy Van (Silver)

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  • Sophia Liakopoulou's Toyo Traffic Helper (Bronze)

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  • Left to right: Chris Hayes, Eleanor Grattoni-May (Bronze), Daria Protopopova (Silver), Lev Griffin (Gold), Paul Van Der Burgh

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  • Lev Griffin's Urban Car (Gold)

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  • Daria Protopopova's Sky Doctor Swirl (Silver)

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  • Eleanor Grattoni-May's The Toyota Ongaku (Bronze)

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  • Left to right: Chris Hayes, Valentina Baranova (Bronze), Ayesha Taniya (Gold), Shayna Gail Velasquez (Silver), Paul Van Der Burgh

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  • Ayesha Taniya's The Future of Animal Protection (Gold)

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  • Shayna Gail Velasquez's Toyota Quantum 2080GT (Silver)

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  • Valentina Baranova's London’s Digitherapy (Bronze)

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