Toyota Gazoo Racing is not just about winning Le Mans, the World Rally Championship and the Dakar Rally, it’s also helping owners keep their classic sports cars in peak running order – now including the legendary 2000GT.

Through its GR Heritage Parts Project, it’s making authentic replacement spare parts for the ultra-rare coupe, a car that shot to worldwide fame in the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice (as a one-off convertible model).

The 2000GT was launched in 1967 in collaboration with Yamaha Motor and only 337 were built before production ended in 1970. It used advanced engineering for its day, being powered by a 2.0-litre straight-six double-overhead camshaft engine and featuring double-wishbone suspension, disc brakes on all four wheels, radial-ply tyres, magnesium alloy wheels and retractable headlamps. Although its lifetime was short and production numbers modest, its influence endures with styling cues visible in today’s GT86 and the same straight-six/rear-wheel drive format adopted by the new GR Supra.

Prior to its launch, the 2000GT took part in speed trials and, despite near-typhoon conditions, set three world records over 10,000 miles, 15,000km and 72 hours, and 13 further international records. It also competed successfully, taking race wins and podium places.

Toyota Gazoo Racing is working with specialist suppliers, Toyota factories and related divisions to prepare for production of the new reproduction parts, which will go on sale internationally from 1 August 2020 via the TGR Heritage Parts website and Toyota dealers in the same way as regular genuine parts. Because of the car’s exclusivity, however, sales will be restricted to 2000GT owners to prevent re-selling; the number sold per car will also be limited.

The transmission-related parts (for the five-speed manual gearbox) include gears, synchro hub and sleeve, gaskets and oil seal kit, bearing kit, snap ring kit, thrust washer and shift fork. The differential-related parts are a final gear kit and a ring gear set bolt.

TGR Heritage Parts is also offering the first reproduction parts for the A70 and A80 Toyota Supra models (available since 1 July). Further information on the availability of further parts will be provided on the TGR website.


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  • Rear: gears, Front: synchro hub and sleeve

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  • Final gear kit

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